Denver Dyke March and Denver PrideFest 2010

2nd Annual Denver Dyke March 2010
Saturday, June 19

2:30 pm: Rider Line-Up
All Dykes on Bikes are invited to lead the Denver Dyke March – ride on down, park your bike in the line-up and enjoy the rally!

  • Bikes should arrive by 2:30pm for line-up in the parking lot behind Charlie’s (900 E Colfax @ Emerson St).
  • There will be parking managers on-site to line up the bikes in the rear parking lot.

3:00 pm: Rally with entertainment – Come! Enjoy!

4:00 pm: Dyke March

  • Dykes on Bikes will lead marchers down Colfax Ave. from Charlie’s to Civic Center Park (with a police escort).
  • PrideFest Celebration includes the Women’s Celebration with fabulous entertainment on the Women’s Stage, including comic Suzanne Westenhoefer, Lori Michaels and her sexy dance troupe Me and the Girls, and rising country star Coles Whalen. Don’t miss this!


Denver PrideFest Celebration & Pride Parade 2010
Saturday and Sunday, June 19 & 20

Saturday June 19 – Family Field Day and Women’s Celebration
11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. – Civic Center Park

  • PrideFest attendees are welcome to enjoy activities and entertainment for kids, adults and pets, browse health and wellness booths, the youth interactive area, retail and commercial booths and recharge at food and beverage stands while watching the highly popular Dogs in Drag contest.

Sunday June 20 – Pride Parade and PrideFest Celebration
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Civic Center Park

  • Ours is the 6th largest Pride parade in the country, with an estimated 100,000 folks getting up waaay early to line the streets and cheer on the parade. This year’s parade will include 125 floats from across the Western region.
  • The traditional PrideFest Parade steps off from Cheesman Park and travels down Colfax Avenue to downtown Civic Center Park, where attendees can enjoy a full day of live entertainment on several stages; stroll through sponsor, health and wellness, retail and commercial booths; play in the family interactive area, and replenish themselves at numerous food and beverage stands.


Additional Info


  • Unity Motocycle Group proudly leads Pridefest Denver Pride Parade, as follows (in order of seniority):
    – Rocky Mountaineers MC
    – Denver Dykes on Bikes
    – Gay Sportbike Riders of Colorado
    – Ft Collins L.O.W Riders
    – Colorado Springs Dykes on Bikes
    – Rocky Mountain Colorado Dykes on Bikes
  • Independents and/or non-club affiliated riders to the back.
  • No hot dogging, hold your assigned riding position.
  • Please try to keep clean, gaily rigid alignment.

Line Up

  • Parade Section = White; Line-up Position = 1
  • DDOB will proudly lead with Founder Cathi W. and a member of Soulforce Colorado who was arrested for demanding equality.
  • The only entrance to Cheesman that will be open on Sunday morning is at 11th Avenue and Race Street.
  • We MUST be in position by 8:30 AM, or you will be put at the back of the parade.
  • Groups entering the park after their assigned time may not be allowed to move into their assigned position.
  • For the 4th year in a row, the Grrls and Boyz will be riding together, side by side and as we have been doing, simply trading sides. The Boyz will be on the RIGHT and the Grrls on the LEFT for 2010. RMMC Officers and Trail boss will lead the boyz, with club flags / colors etc.
  • Parade formation is four across (2 girls / 2 bois) and filled in with 4 across after that (most likely the girls will fill in behind the boys after the initial lineup, with four across.
  • We invite all grrls to ride so please show your respect for the invitation to those groups who paid for and organized the motorcycles this year.
  • Be sure to give attention to the “visitors” at the Basilica on Colfax: smile & wave, smile & wave, smile & wave & keep on going, or revv your engine so you can’t hear them!
  • There will be parade announcers in two location, in front of Charlie’s and at Colfax & Broadway, you might want to tone down engine revving at those locations to let the crowd hear our group announcement.

House Cleaning

  • Come with a full tank and empty bladder.
  • Dress appropriately (cool morning line up in shade and then hot ride and day events).
  • Bring sunscreen and water.
  • No alcohol allowed at the Pride Parade staging in Cheesman.
  • Handouts are allowed, but not to be thrown.
  • The City charges $$$ for cleanup, so hold your trash or use the provided cans.
  • You will NOT be solicited to cover costs of the parade application, it has already been paid. If you would like to make a donation, make it to the GLBTCCC (The Center), ATL Foundation, Colorado AIDS Project or Colorado Anti-Violence Project. [NOTE: If you are solicited in any way, please report the solicitor(s) to a Parade Marshall.]


  • No parking allowed on 14th Avenue between Broadway and Lincoln.
  • No parking on the sidewalks or grass.
  • There may be parking behind the stage at 14th and Broadway; this option was discussed, but not promised since there are no other parking accommodations being made for others.


  • DDOB will meet at Pete’s Kitchen at Colfax & Race at 7:00 am for breakfast, please do join. If you can’t make it that early, we plan on pulling out of the parking lot there as a group around 8:00 am. There is additional parking on all corners at Colfax & Race as a back up.

We truly look foward to sharing PRIDE with you!

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